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Tickets on sale soon! For announcements, stay tuned to @BayThreat.

The recordings from last year's conference are available here.


In order to keep the ticket cost low, we rely on a few key sponsors to support us.

For sponsor info, email sponsors@baythreat.org.


A Hacker Con in the Bay Area

BayThreat 2014 is the 5th annual information security conference in the South Bay, December 5th & 6th. After 5 years, we've come to love the Bay Area hacker scene, and this conference is bringing out everything that makes the Bay Area one of the coolest places to be in information security.

Shades of the Gray Area

We've invited speakers from all over the Bay Area and beyond to a 2 day conference. Our venue is TBA and more information is coming soon. Follow our Twitter @baythreat for more info.

We're excited to host speakers with security expertise from both sides of the fence. Call for Papers is open now!

Follow us at @BayThreat on Twitter for all the latest announcements about BayThreat, or look for us on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can join our groups.

Please consider being a VOLUNTEER, and earn a free conference ticket.

Check out BayThreat 2013 here.